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Types of Animations

2D Animation

2D animation is a cartoon made in two-dimensional space with the help of bright and colourful dynamic images that can clearly and understandably talk about the company and its product...

For any business it is important to attract the customers’ attention to a brand, product or service. If we compare live videos and animated ones, the latter allow us to convey the essence much faster without overloading the client’s attention with unnecessary details. 2D animation solves a really wide range of tasks: it allows to realize any wish of the customer; it easily conveys emotions and a sense of childhood; it is indispensable when you need a video with only a certain colour grade; it is used when it is necessary to emphasize the caricature of the characters and the plot itself; it can be simplified and informative, for example, video infographics; the animation can be created in a specific style, tailored for a certain business theme which is as close as possible to the targeted audience.

3D Animation

3D animation is a video clip created on the basis of computer technology that uses 3D models and images of 3D graphics, which sometimes cannot be distinguished from a real video...

3D animation looks quite realistic, which allows you to display objects in the correct proportions and is great for presentations of mechanisms, components and assemblies for scientific, educational or introductory purposes. 3D animation is also used in computer games, modern films, and a lot of educational materials are also made in 3D. You will get more emotions and more relations with the subject while watching a video clip in 3D. We can also visualize projects that you have yet to develop. 3D animation can be used for product presentations, in advertising, as well as for explaining and visualising different processes in real estate, in creation of decorations, in games and much more.

Examples of our work

2D video

Girl in a jacket   Girl in a jacket   Girl in a jacket  

3D video

Girl in a jacket   Girl in a jacket   Girl in a jacket  

Advantages of business animation


People who like animation usually share the video clip with their friends, and you get a free promotion


Animated video explains complex business processes or services in a simple and accessible language


Animation increases the recognition of your brand and products, works as image tools


High-quality video content with a memorable and understandable meaning will increase the growth of the target audience

Why should you choose us?

Complex approach

We provide services in batches, which means that it includes script writing, voice acting and character drawing


Thanks to the automation of the workflow and well-coordinated actions of the team, we have achieved a reduction in the time for completion of work (from 3 days)


To confirm our professionalism, you can get a script or a small fragment of a future video for free

Reasonable price

If you work with us, you get high-quality videos, on average 30% cheaper than similar videos from our competitors

Feedback from our customers

  • The 2D-3D animation team has made several 2D animations for us, and also has recently made a 3D animation.
    We are very pleased with the cooperation. The guys help us with the concept and content,
    the arrangements and agreements are carried out on time and the price is very competitive.

    Frans van Meetelen - a marketing Manager KAV Autoverhuur B.V.
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